What kind of Stair Builders on Long Island Are you Looking For?

By | August 26, 2017

Choosing The Best Staircase For Your Home

When building a new home or renovating an older one, there is nothing more impressive than a beautiful staircase. In many homes, a staircase is a thing of beauty as it goes from the ground floor to an upper story. People on the East Coast find that professional stair builders on Long Island (http://www.stairbuilderslongisland.com) that has the experience, personnel, materials and tools to put in stairs that are not only attractive but will also increase the value of your home, is what you need to strive for.

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The wide variety of stairs that are available, at stair company Long Island, is mind boggling. It is possible to have stair steps that are solid wood, which retains its grain, steps painted to match an interior design, carpeted or covered with a special material. The steps can also be made of metal or whatever material is going to match the surroundings. At Stair Builders Long Island, we are proud to offer a wide choice of beautiful railings available, as well as balusters and posts, all designed to complement the stairs.

If you are unsure which type of staircase will fit your particular situation, a consultation with one of our staircase experts at Stair Builders Long Island will be happy to show you the types available and assist you in making a good decision. Working with an established stair company Long Island makes it possible to choose the type of stair railing installation Long Island that will complement the surrounding area.

Stair Builders Long Island offers design, style and functionality when you are considering making a staircase choice. Whether building a new staircase or replacing an old one, a beautiful design will make a statement regarding who you are and what is important to you. This makes it essential to choose the right materials and a stair contractor Long Island that is experienced in all aspects of this kind of construction.

Currently, many homes are choosing custom built spiral and curved staircases. These staircases require the expertise of a stair company Long Island architectural staircase designer if it is to fit in appropriately with the surroundings. When using this type of stair contractor Long Island designer, he or she will look at the home and make suggestions as to what will provide the best staircase accent for the surrounding area.

There are a number of parts used in the construction of your staircase. In addition to handrails, treads, box newels and balusters there are accessories and fittings that are especially crafted to match your specific staircase design. It is imperative that each of these items be considered when planning the final overall appearance. This makes it important to have a stair railing installation Long Island Company on the job. They provide only the best materials in building your custom staircase.

For example, the treads on a staircase can offer a beautiful contrast to the other materials used. Star Builders Long Island can provide an appropriate matching rug cover in beautiful shapes and sizes and intricate designs in rubber or other materials that will enhance the beauty of the stairs. Of course, if a basement, patio or other stairs are involved, an appropriate rubber cover is desired to preserve the appearance and prevent slipping.

Although staircases are simply a method of getting from one place to another, choosing the proper materials, design, installer and construction can make a huge difference in the final picture. Stair railing installation Long Island is proud of their many years in staircase building and we, at Star Builders Long Island, are prepared to offer a final result that will be outstanding and make your home a showplace.