Water Damage Restoration Waits for No One

There are things about water damage that no one will tell you, because not many people know the in’s and out’s of water damage and water damage repair Long Island. Below, I have detailed what you need to know about water damage and what you can do about it. If you have a water emergency, stop the source of the leak if you can, and call a  (www.waterdamagerestorationlongisland.net) water damage restoration company Long Island immediately.

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Water Damage Happens in a Variety of Ways

In life, everything tends to run smoothly until the unexpected occurs. Your washer could unexpectedly overflow. This happened to me once when one of my kids put a soapy rag in the washer. Your pipes could burst. People will tell you to insulate your pipes, but if you do this to pipes in exterior walls, you could be insulating your pipes from the warmth of your home, which can lead to your pipes freezing and bursting down the road. A leaky roof, a clogged toilet, a clogged downspout, poor water run-off and other causes of flooding can cause water to become trapped in your home. You want to stay up on repairs and prevent things as much as possible, but sometimes, you will need water damage restoration Long Island.


Your Initial Reaction

Time is of the essence. The first thing to understand about water is that it will continue to damage whatever it can. You need to get rid of it and seek water damage repair Long Island as soon as possible. People will tell you to open your windows, air things out or to use a shop vacuum. If you’re a fan of science, you might know that water seeps in between two surfaces, and climbs, due to its capillary action. Water permeates everything it can. This means your furniture, subflooring, carpeting, carpet padding, drywall and other surfaces or items in your home can become damaged by simple contact. I cannot stress enough that you must thoroughly remove the water from your home. Of course, you will want the source of the problem fixed first. You might need a tarp over your roof or a plumber to fix your pipes. Whatever it is, get that issued resolved, and then, contact a water damage restoration Long Island company to help remove the water from your home.

Three Categories of Water Damage According to Pollution of the Water Source

  • Category 1: This category involves water from a clean source.
  • Category 2: This category involves some form of contamination, which often means that there are bacteria present.
  • Category 3: This category involves highly contaminated water. This could be from your toilet or tub backing up and overflowing. It’s called “septic” for a reason. It can cause illness and death.

It is important to note that just because your water source started out as a Category 1, it doesn’t mean that it will stay in that category. When water comes into contact with a contaminated object, the water becomes contaminated. Water that is allowed to sit will continue to increase in contamination.


Water Distortion

Water has some amazing qualities. I’ve already alluded to its ability to climb in between two surfaces. However, water is incredibly strong as well. It’ll distort just about any surface. Provide a change in temperature, and water can cause pipes to burst, but water will also ruin your furniture and everything it is allowed to permeate. If this wasn’t bad enough, this creates the perfect environment for mold to grow, and this can occur within 24 to 48 hours from the time water enters the home. Some items are beyond water damage repair Long Island. You may have to throw some things away.


Mold Damage

If you have never considered how important adequate air ventilation is for your home, now is a good time. Mold hates three things: airflow, arid surroundings and sunlight. If you have excessive moisture anywhere in your home, your home is the perfect place to grow mold. In addition to water damage repair Long Island, you may need mold remediation. It cannot be done with bleach alone. Mold will make your family sick. You don’t want it in your home.


To Recap:

  • Fix your water seepage issue first. This might mean turning off a main water valve.
  • Get up as much water as you can. Move your belongings away from the water.
  • Call a water restoration company Long Island immediately.


Water Damage Restoration Long Island Costs

Hiring a water restoration company Long Island is far less expensive than trying to clean up the water by yourself and risking thousands of dollars in repair. You can lose heirlooms, furniture and even your home if you don’t take care of it immediately. Your home’s structural integrity can be compromised as well. Things like dry rot, termites and carpenter ants are a real concern.

Water damage restoration Long Island is possible, but you have to act immediately. The quicker you are to resolve your water issue the greater the success of your water damage restoration Long Island will be.