When to use a Tree Service on Long Island for Removal

By | September 2, 2017

Trees can be glorious. Trees offer a green canopy during the summer and come to blazing colors during the fall. Many homeowners in Long Island and people who own businesses love having trees on their property. Even a single tree can shield the house or the office complex from the cold and help vastly reduce home heating bills. However, as wonderful as trees are, they can also pose problems for any homeowner, which is why Long Island Tree Service exists.

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Branches may fall unexpectedly. A tree can even die. Proper care is essential. Many homeowners love their trees but don’t know where to begin to get them examined or what to do to prevent problems. This is where it helps to turn to professional for advice. A tree service Long Island can help. Experts can identify services that might be needed such as tree pruning Long Island and tree removal service Long Island. With their help, it’s easy to keep all the trees on your Long Island home in great shape all year long.


Seasonal Considerations

The transition from summer to winter marks an especially important time of year for all homeowners and business owners. This is also true for any trees on the property. Fall is when trees undergo drastic changes. As the leaves turn color, changes also happen inside the trees. This can cause problems with trees. A home or business owner often finds early fall a good time to inspect any trees on their property. Changes may be seen directly but they can also be missed. This is why it’s a good time to have an inspection done by a tree service Long Island. Officials at a service know area conditions well. They understand a great deal about local native trees that are common in the area and how they must be maintained in order to prevent problems from developing. They also know about other aspects of the area that may influence the health of greenery. For example, periods of heavy rain or snow can cause problems that may develop over time. Poor access to sunlight can also cause problems with trees as they grow. It’s useful to work with trained and skilled company officials who understand the specifics governing Long Island greenery.


Removing Weak Trees

Keeping trees in good shape takes many forms. In some cases, tree removal service Long Island may be necessary. Removing weak trees has many benefits. A weak tree can pose a serious danger to the owner’s property. Any business owner may face serious problems should the tree fall on another business or a client. An old tree may have roots that have created all kinds of problems. For example, the roots may be pushing parts of the sidewalk, making it unsafe. Weak trees may also press against other trees, depriving them of sunlight and water as well as causing additional problems. All potentially unsafe trees should be removed as soon as the problem is discovered.


Trimming Branches

While not all trees need to be removed, many trees need to be trimmed. Branches can easily get into power lines during the island’s hurricane and nor’easter season. A single fallen branch can knock out power to the entire community for hours. Lack of power in any business can cause lost records, spoiled merchandise and many unhappy clients. It’s best to have tree pruning Long Island done to remove all possibly dangerous branches from the trees. Careful pruning has many advantages. When done well, it can help extend the life of any tree. It can also protect all other structures on the property from falling branches.